ionic video chat

Product Awesomeness
Ionic Video Chat is a fully functional real time Video and Group Text chat app similar to Viber or WhatsApp. It has full multi-platform support for iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and Linux built using Ionic 3.

It comes with a complete backend in Node.js and MongoDB for user management and chat history features utilizing WebRTC for direct peer to peer secure communication.
The good stuff
Real time peer to peer Video Chat for iOS, Android, Mac and Windows using WebRTC. Made possible by the Cordova plugins iosrtc and Crosswalk.
Real time Text Chat over and complete chat history. Users can see if other contacts are online in real time.
Chat with multiple contacts at once with real time Group Chat.
Upload Image and Video attachments using Amazon S3.
Account management and user login powered by a Node.js and MongoDB.

Real Time Group Text Messages

Let's Talk Tech
Ionic is the the top open source framework for building amazing mobile apps. We use the brand new Ionic 3 with TypeScript.
Apache Cordova provides multi-platform access to native apis through using JavaScript. Ionics Native features are powered by Cordova.
Angular.js a superheroic Javascript MVW framework perfect for just about everything. Ionic 3 uses Angular 4 to power its front end.
Node.js is a powerfull event driven JavaScript runtime for lightweight and effecient code. This powers our backend. provides real time events using WebSockets. We use this for our apps to communicate with our Node.js back end.
MongoDB is a document-driven NoSQL database that provides storage for our users and chat history.
Sass is a robust CSS extension language that makes develpmet and design faster and easier.

Direct Video Calls

Other Cool things
Video Previews when calling and answering
Contact List page with most recent message
Timestamp diffs using Moment.js
Native Audio for chat sounds with fallback for HTML5 Audio
Contact Card popup for quick calls
CSS3 Animations
Frequent updates and support
Full support in desktop Chrome